About Personal Finance Planner


Personal Finance Planner is a XLS spreadsheet designed to track monthly expenses and build savings plan. The tool is designed to manage multiple debit accounts (savings / current accounts) and credit accounts (credit cards) while keeping funds allocated for monthly expenses and savings separated. It is also a analysis tool which helps to analyze monthly expenses. Let's get the journey begins...

Game Rules

The tool is designed with the following rules:

  1. Balance at month end should be 0.00 . Remaining funds for each month are deposit into savings.

  2. Income and money received is recorded as positive value.

  3. Expenses is recorded as negative value.

  4. Savings fund is managed separately from monthly expenses.

  5. Fund is reserved to pay every single cent spent on credit card by month end.

  6. Each expenses is tracked on net value spent / received.

  7. No overdraft. Overspend amount is deducted from savings.

Columns and Fields Descriptions

  • Fund Balance: Remaining funds available on hand for current month expenses.

  • Cash Balance: Cash on hand / in your wallet.

  • Daily Expenses: Non categorized personal expenses, expenses which had not being recorded.

  • Daily Limit: Planned maximum daily expenses. (Optional)

  • Exp / Day: Average unrecorded expenses per day since last calculated day.

  • Debit Accounts: Savings, Current accounts, E-Wallet, Debit Cards and Cash.

  • Credit Accounts: Credit Cards.

  • Limits: Credit limits for each card.

  • Savings (Deposit - Cash): Total savings in debit accounts (Cash and bank account).

  • Savings Allocations: Savings allocated in other area, such as Fixed Deposit, Investment and Equity.

  • Reference: Transaction reference number for future reference.

Getting Started

Setting up

  1. Define Name of your Debit Accounts (Savings Account, Debit Cards and E-Wallet)

  2. Define Name of your Credit Accounts (Credit Cards)

  3. Define Name of your Savings Allocations (Fixed Deposit, Investment, and etc...)

  4. Fill up Credit Limit for each credit cards in Row 9 (Yellow Cells)

  5. Enter current year at cell E6

  6. Enter carry forward balance from previous year at Row 16 for each account.

  7. Enter balance cash on hand at cell G13

Note: Green cells are formulas.