Expenses Analysis

Analyze Your Spending

One of the best things you can do for yourself to get your finances in order is to analyze your spending. A very important part of personal financial planning is understanding where all your money goes. When you know where it is going, you are more likely to make wiser financial choices, and you are more likely to develop good savings habits that can help you build wealth. So, the first step in an financial plan, whether you are just starting or trying to complete a financial overhaul, is to analyze your spending. --Miranda Marquit, Analyze Your Spending

Some Basics Idea

Here, I would like to share some basic analysis methods which I had been using for years...

Personal Finance Planner come with an analysis worksheet which sum up your spending on each category. From the summarized data, you will be able to adjust your spending pattern and budget in certain area to fulfill your needs and wish.

The bottom table calculated month average for each area for current year compare to average expenses for previous year value entered at first row of the table. With this table, we can compare spending year to year and month to month.

Expenses vs Saving Chart

Monthly showing the trend of net income, expenses and savings over month. Understand savings and spending pattern over time.

Want More?

The reason why we develop this solution with Excel is to take advantage of spreadsheet analysis power. We started the head for you to continue to create any form of analysis you wish with the data you have on hand...

Happy Savings...